Bills get some good news


When Buffalo Bills linebacker Paul Posluszny went down in the third quarter of last Sunday’s game it was feared that his season could be over.

However, the Bills got some good news in regards to Posluszny.

According to WGR 550, Bills general manager Buddy Nix stated at the teams’ Monday Morning Quarterback Club that Posluszny will only miss two weeks.

Lets face it if this was last year Posluszny would be out for the season as he probably would have torn something. It is obvious that the reason for this lays in the simple fact that new Bills  Co-Head strength and conditioning coaches John Gamble and Eric Ciano started making Bills players doing squats again after years of not doing them. It was revealed earlier this year by Bills strong safety Donte Whitner that many of the Bills never did a single squat in years before Gamble and Ciano came in.

What squats do is not only strengthens the muscles it also strengthens the ligaments, and that right there was Posluszny’s saving grace. If you want more evidence look at the fact that of the six players that are on injured reserve, whose injuries are listed, two are foot injuries, two are shoulder injuries, and the other two are knee injuries.

Last year 22 players were put on injured reserve and 11 of them were knee and leg muscle injuries, and that doesn’t include two broken legs suffered by cornerback Leodi Mckelvin and guard Eric Wood.  That means for every two injuries one of them was a knee or a leg muscle injury while this year the Bills are on a 3:1 pace.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am not stating that there will be no Bills players going down for the year.  What I am saying is that there just won’t be that many.

In the end, it is little things like this that turns a football team into a winner.