The end is near for Edwards


Many Buffalo Bills fans approached this season with hope that quarterback Trent Edwards could turn his career around under new head coach Chan Gailey.

Unfotrunately, the end is near for Edwards.

Edwards outside of one drive was just down right terrible as he was 18 of 34 for 139 yards passing and a touchdown. Of his passing yards 91 of them came on one drive, which means Edwards threw for 48 yards passing the rest of the game.

Many fans are now wondering what is the difference between today and the preseason. First, defenses play only simple plays on defense saving complicated plays for the regular season. Secondly, the Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts use 4-3 defenses and Edwards is very good against them.

The Bills problems can be summed up on one play as wide receiver Steve Johnson ran a go route and had one on one coverage, but Edwards instead took the safe play and threw it to another receiver instead. Edwards for whatever his reasons are is not willing to throw the football down the field.

In the end, if the Bills want to salvage their season they need to bench Edwards.