The storm is approaching


There has been a growing feeling of excitement for many people in anticipation for the storm that is coming Sunday.

That storm being the National Football League regular season.

It is upon us as after a month and a half of training camp practices and preseason games the NFL regular season goes into high gear tomorrow. Obviously, for many there is a new hope that their team will turn things around, and the Superbowl.

There is nothing like being in one of those stadiums on Sundays as you can feel the excitement and energy coursing throughout the stadium. When a touchdown is scored it doesn’t matter who is sitting next to you just hi five the person as the only thing that matters at that moment is the touchdown.

With my favorite team being the Buffalo Bills my excitement has been curbed a little bit as NFL experts are predicting theĀ  Bills to be terrible. Okay, usually when I hear that over the radio I let out a grunt in frustration as they will be much better than that.

In the end, kick back and enjoy the ride, because things are about to get a little bumpy.