Who will start?


Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey told the media today that outside linebacker Reggie Torbor will miss Sunday’s regular season opener against the Miami Dolphins.

The only two options for the Bills at outside linebacker is Aaron Maybin and Chris Ellis. So, the question is who will start this Sunday?

There is no doubt that many people will be hoping that Maybin will get the start since he is a former first round National Football League Draft pick. However, that most likely won’t be the case and one has to look no farther than this preseason for the answer.

When Torbor missed a game due to injury Gailey gave Ellis the start. The reason being that he has come a long ways in transitioning to outside linebacker in a 3-4 from a defensive end in a 4-3. Obviously, it helps having an extra year in the NFL as Ellis was taken in the third round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Maybin will still get to see a lot of action as he is the third down pass rushing linebacker. With this being his first real significant role on the Bills, so no one can predict how he will do.

In the end, whoever starts will deserving of it.

Mitchell could be done


When the Buffalo Bills signed linebacker Kawika Mitchell in February 2008 there were high hopes that Mitchell would have a big impact on the team for many years to come.

After three years on the team Mitchell looks to be done with the Bills.

Mitchell’s season is already over as the Bills placed him on injured reserve due to a foot injury.  That is unfortunate, because Mitchell is a solid linebacker and reportedly could have been back in a couple of weeks.

The problem is that the Bills are already thin at outside linebacker as Antonio Coleman and Reggie Torbor did not practice again Friday, which means that they are out for Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins. As of right now there is no information on what their injuries are, which means that they could be out for a little while.  That means Mitchell’s injury has the longest recovery period.

In the National Football League injuries happen every game. However, when too many players at one position get injured it becomes a problem as if several more injuries to that certain position would leave the Bills scrambling to fill positions.

In the end, as tough as a decision it may have been for the Bills it was the right thing to do.

Brady learns a lesson


According to Sport Illustrated.com’s Peter King during NBC’s halftime show of the Minnesota Vikings versus New Orleans Saints game, via Pro Football Talk, the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady reached a new deal Thursday.

From that piece of news right there are two things that we learned.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, via Pro Football Talk, Brady’s deal is four years $72 million with $48.5 million guaranteed.  That is not even close to what many National Football League experts were predicting that he was going to get.

There were reports that the Patriots and Brady were close to a new deal, but apparently there were some details to be worked out.  However, that went out the window with brady’s accident earlier today.  Nobody came blame him for it after how bad his accident was.

According to reports, Brady t-boned another vehicle when it went through a red light.  Brady fortunately, for Patriot fans that is, walked away without any serious injury.

The lesson being here is that you never know what tomorrow will bring so get whatever money you can.

The other, and more important, lesson to come out of this is that the National Football League now had ammunition for the upcoming labor battle with the National Football League Players Association.  The reason being that last April’s National Football League Draft’s first overall pick in Saint Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford’s contract is still bigger than Brady’s

In the end, NFLPA better wake up, because without a new deal that is more fair for the owners there will be less jobs in the NFL.