Houshmandzadeh will have to wait


It took everyone by surprise when word broke out that the Seattle Seahawks were parting ways with wide receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh, which happened Saturday.

Now, as a free agent Houshmandzadeh will have to wait.

The thing is the regular season is a week away and when a veteran is signed after week one of the regular season the players salary isn’t gauranteed like it is if they signed before week one.

Also, Houshmandzadeh will have to learn the entire playbook of his new team.

That means if he is unable to have an impact the team will be able to dump him, which they wouldn’t have been able to if he was signed before week one.

In the end, crap like this happens when you get greedy.

Evans could become expendable


Two undrafted free agent wide receivers made the Buffalo Bills 53 man roster this year and the team added another to the practice squad today.

If any of them pan out wide receiver Lee Evans could become expendable.

Evans is entering his seventh season with the Bills and has yet to reach his full potential.

With Bills head coach Chan Gailey having a offensive background there is no excuses this year.

Of the three wide receiver David Nelson has the most potential to be a starting wide receiver soon as his route running is solid, and has great hands.

The other two in Donald Jones and Naaman Roosevelt also had solid training camps, but the team decided to only keep five.

Also, Evans is smaller than the typical wide receivers and that works against him as Bills head coach Chan Gailey has stated he prefers tall wide receivers.

Finally there is third year wide receiver Steve Johnson, who the organization is high on, and is getting his first opportunity to start this year.

In the end, if any two of the wide receivers show that they can be starters then Evans won’t be with the Bills much longer.