Bengals would be Superbowl contenders


The Seattle Seahawks have made it known to wide receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh that he is not in their plans for 2010 and will either be traded or released.

If Houshmandadeh were to sign with his former team in the Cincinnati Bengals they would become an instant contender for the Superbowl.

The Bengals already have what appears to be a high power offensive attack with the addition of wide receiver Terrell Owens and the drafting of tight end Jermaine Gresham in the first round of this past April’s National Football League Draft.

With Houshmandzadeh the Bengals would potentially have the best offense in the league even ahead of the New England Patriots.

Teams with prolific offenses have made the Superbowl like the Buffalo Bills in the early 1990’s and the Patriots a couple of years ago.

However, what makes the Bengals different is that they have a top notch defense as well as it was ranked fourth overall last year,

In the end, it could be the year of the Bengals.

Will Bills go after Brown?


In an unexpected move the Arizona Cardinals cut outside linebacker Cody Brown who was a second round pick in the 2009 National Football League Draft.

Considering that the Bills are in transition to a 3-4 defense will the Buffalo Bills go after Brown since the Cardinals play a 3-4 defense as well.

Brown was being converted from defensive end in college to outside linebacker and considering the amount of talent he has with, along with their success with outside linebacker Chris Ellis, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bills went after Brown and signed him.

Obviously, it doesn’t look good for Brown as the Cardinals were rankedĀ  20th overall on defense last year, which is just behind the Bills at 19th last year.

At this point in time who cares where a player comes from as it is about finding players that will eventually take the Bills back to the playoffs.

In the end, Brown would be worth the risk considering how little it would take to sign him.