Bills are in trouble at backups


The last National Football League preseason usually backups play the majority of it as starters rest to get ready for the start of the regular season, which is a week from Sunday.

The one thing that you can draw from the Buffalo Bills preseason finale is that they are in trouble if they suffer a lot of injuries like last year.

The back ups, especially on offense, were just terrible as they allowed the Detroit Lions to come back from behind to wine 23-28.

In the NFL everyone suffers injuries, but what separates the good teams from the bad is that the good teams have solid back ups that can come in and perform.

The Bills haven’t had solid backups since the late 1990’s,

Fortunately, the Bills revamped their strength and conditioning program, which has been paying off dividends as the amount of injuries have just been minor.

In the end, hopefully the Bills can stay healthy this year.

Some names should appear on final cuts


Final roster cuts will take place over the weekend, which means that Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey has some tough decisions to make.

Of those decision some unexpected names could come.

The two biggest names on the block is former 2006 first round National Football League Draft pick defensive end John McCargo and former 2008 second round pick wide receiver James Hardy.

Both players have been disappointing as McCargo has been plagued by injuries and Hardy just seems like he isn’t giving all that he has.

Hardy has become expendable due to the play of rookie wide receivers David Nelson and Naaman Roosevelt.

Nelson has been the surprise of training camp looking real good right out of the blocks and if starting wide receiver Stevie Johnson doesn’t make an immediate impact Nelson could get a look at the starting wide receiver spot opposite of Lee Evans.

As for Roosevelt his play has been quiet and steady, and if he doesn’t make the team he is a sure bet to make the practice squad.

As for McCargo he has been constantly injured so no head coach could really rely on him being there in the first place.

In the end, stay tuned fans this weekend should be interesting.