Kelsay deserves contract


The Buffalo Bills announced that they have signed outside linebacker Chris Kelsay to four year $24 million contract extension.

After doing some research the Bills may have gotten it right with Kelsay.

At first like many others I was like what the heck are the Bills doing based upon last year. After looking at the league leaders last year and how his stats project Kelsay’s deal is actually a steal.

These are the 2009 stats for starting left outside linebackers for 3-4 defenses last year in the National Football League, according to

1) Baltimore Ravens: Jarrett Johnson 16 games started 50 combined tackles 36 solo 14 assists with 6.0 sacks and 2.0 interceptions. 2007 signed  a five year $21.7 million contract.

2) Green Bay Packers: Clay Matthews  13 games started 51 combined tackles with 37 solo and 14 assists with 10.0 sacks. 2009 signed five year $9.925 million contract.

Aaron Kampman 9 games started 42 combined tackles 30 solo 14 assits with 3.5 sacks.  Projected for 16 games 75 combined tackles and 6.2 sacks. 2010 signed four year $24 million contract.

3) San Diego Chargers:  Shaun Phillips 16 games started 59 combined tackles 47 solo 12 assists with 7.0 sacks. 2007 signed six year $31 million contract.

4) Pittsburgh Steelers: LaMarr Woodley 16 games started 62 combined tackles 50 solo 12 assists with 13.5 sacks. 2007 signed four year $3.6 contract.

5) Dallas Cowboys: Anthony Spencer 16 games started 67 combined tackles 50 solo 17 assists 6.0 sacks. 2007 signed five year $7.453 contract.

6) Miami Dolphins: Jason Taylor 15 games started 42 combined tackles 33 solo 9 assists and 7.0 sacks. 2010 signed two year $13 million contract.

7) Kansas City Chiefs: Mike Vrabel 14 games started 52 combined tackles 43 total 9 assists 2.0 sacks career highs with New England: 108 combined tackles (2005) sacks 12.5 (2007) only two other times Vrabel had more that five sacks for a year 2003 9.5 sacks 2004 5.5. 2010 signed one year $3.025 contrct

8)Cleveland Browns: David Bowens 15 games started 71 combined tackles 47 solo 15 assists with 5.5 sacks. $1.65 million in 2010

9) San Francisco 49ers: Manny Lawson 16 games started 68 combined tackles 51 solo 17 assists with 6.5 sacks. 2006 signed five year $13.9 million contract.

10) Denver Broncos: Mario Haggan 16 games started 63 combined tackles 51 solo 12 assists with 1.0 sacks.  In 2009 signed a three year $4.12 million contract.

11) Arizona Cardinals: Clark Haggans 14 games started 74 combined tackles 57 solo 17 assists with 5.0 sacks. 2009 signed three year $6 million contract.

12) New England Patriots: Adalius Thomas 11 games started 34 combined tackles 26 solo 8 assists with 3.0 sacks.

13) New York Jets: Bryan Thomas 14 games started 53 combined tackles 40 solo 13 assists with 2.0 sacks. 2006 signed five year $25 million contract.

Kelsay this year projects to have 101 combined tackles and has averaged 3.7 sacks over the six years he has started, not including this year of course, which would put him in elite company as Vrabel is the only currents starting left outside linebacker in a 3-4 to do so.

Update:  The Franchise Tag number for 2011 will shoot to over $12 million for linebackers

It is amazing what a good quarterback can do


Many people look at the Indianapolis Colts as a great drafting organization.  While some of that may be true the reality is that most of that belongs to Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

Manning is one of those once in a lifetime types of players his play makes everyone around him better.

For one look at wide receiver Austin Collie.  He may be a solid wide receiver, as he is leading the National Football League in receiving yards, if he were to be on a bad football team he just be another player on a bad team.

However, with the Colts Collie has a chance to become a Pro Bowler.

In the end, if you don’t have a franchise quarterback you have nothing.

News on Georgia Dome is disturbing


According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, via Pro Football Talk, the Atlanta Falcons would like an open air stadium.

Just the mere thought of the Falcons needing a stadium is disturbing.

The Georgia Dome opened up in 1992, which means it has surpased the half way point where a stadium would need some upgrading, which is a little over 30 years.

That means the whole idea of the Georgia Dome needing renovations or replacement is just assinine.

The only reason that Falcons owner Arthur Blank would want a new stadium is to keep up with the likes of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.

This is one of the reasons why teams like the Buffalo Bills and other small market National Football League struggle to make a profit.

In the end, if someone doesn’t stand up to the NFL about this new stadium situations will only get worst.

Jaguars claim just isn’t strategy


Many experts and fans are looking at the Jacksonville Jaguars waiver wire claim of former Buffalo Bills Trent Edwards as strategic purposes.

However it is more than just that.

Jacksoville Jaguars back up quarterback Luke McCown went suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament injury in week two. That means the Jaguars were in desperate needs of a quality backup.

The reason being Jaguars starting quarterback David Garrard has been terrible as through three games has thrown for 448 yards passing with four touchdowns and five interceptions.

Edwards could be a decent pickup with the Imdianapolis Colts, Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans all having 4-3 defenses, which Edwards is okay against.

In the end, we will see what the Jaguars intentions were the following after the play on October 10.

Gailey made the right move


Some are questioning whether Monday’s release of quarterback Trent Edwards by the Buffalo Bills was the smart thing to do.

Considering his first two games Bills head coach Chan Gailey made the right move.

Edwards has become so scared of messing up he wouldn’t even throw the football during garbage time.

Edwards is lucky that several teams have put waiver claims thinking they can salvage something out of him.

However, his problem is mental as his high school quarterback coach Charlie Wedemeyer health diminishes each day with his kidneys having failed memories of his near death experience have cropped back up to the forefront of his mind.

Wedemeyer’s kidney’s failed prior to the 2008 season, which one could surely claim the concussion in the Bills game against the Arizona Cardinals that year and his three interception performance against the Cleveland Browns following the game against the San Diego Chargers, has created a mess of a quarterback.

In the end, Gailey simply put Edwards out of his misery.

As expected


The Buffalo Bills have announced that they have released quarterback Trent Edwards.

The move doesn’t come as a surprise as ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported yesterday that the Bills tried to trade Edwards.  However, with nobody willing to trade him they gave him his outright release.

In the end, the move ends what was at first a promising career in Buffalo.

Bills make me sick at times


Buffalo Bills fans are desperate for a winner after not making the playoff for over a decade.

With the Bills keeping the game close against the New England Patriots that has prompted some comments that make me sick.

A lot of fans are hopeful that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will change things around for the Bills offense this season. The fact of the matter this is a terrible football game that played against a mediocre defense.

People are forgetting that this is the fourteenth straight loss to the Patriots. When the Miami Dolphins rattled off 20 straight against wins in the 1970s they became hated.

I am sick and tired of the losing. I don’t care about how many points the offense scored. Nor, do I care about Fitzpatrick stats.

What I care about is wins and the only way to do that is emphasize what they did wrong.

Even the head coach screwed up as he should of went for it on fourth down near the end of the first half.

In the end as they saying goes winning isn’t everything it is the only thing that matters.

Edwards should be gone soon


According to ESPN Adam Schefter, via Pro Football Talk, the Buffalo Bills are attempting to trade quarterback Trent Edwards.

That means in one way or another Edwards should be gone soon.

Edwards will go down as one of the worst quarterbacks in Bills history.

Edwards performance was just so pathetic he made former quarterbacks Rob Johnson and JP Losman look like all pros. Even former quarterback Drew Bledsoe would have been a better option.

In the end, Edwards could have been good, but is in need of mental help.

It should be bad tomorrow


The Buffalo Bills take on the New England Patriots this week in Boston, which should result in a bad loss.

The question is just how bad will it be?

Even with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick the offense should be better, but just not a lot as he is inaccurate at times.

With the Patriots coming off a tough loss to the New York Jets last week the Patriots will be determined to right the ship from last week.

In the end, the Bills are better off just forfeiting the game.

It’s as bad as it gets


The Buffalo Bills have hit rock bottom as they are winless and appear not able to win a game at all.

Simply, it is as bad it gets.

For the first time as far as I can remember this is the earliest that I have been routing for the Bills to lose.

Usually, it is after the half way point when they are out of it, but let’s face it they already are.

They are clearly in need of a new quarterback as Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t cut it. Unless quarterback Brian Brohm pans out.

In the end, hopefully starting Fitzpatrick doesn’t ruin things for us.