Edwards solid against Bengals however…


Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards was rock solid against the Cincinnati  Bengals completing 13 of 17 passes for 153 yards and a touchdown.

As good as Edwards has been the last two games there is one problem.

Edwards in the past has done well against teams that use a 4-3 formation defensively and struggled against teams that ran a 3-4 defense.  The last two games were against teams that use 4-3 defense.

That means the way the Bills season will really go offensively will be how they perform in week one of the regular season as the Miami Dolphins also use a 4-3 defense.

To Edwards defense he has been a much different quarterback as he is distributing the ball more to his wide receivers and less to his running backs and tight end who received most of his passes last year.

The difference is that head coach Chan Gailey who is also calling the plays on offense uses a variety of formations on all three downs.  Last year the Bills  used two wide receivers and two tight ends on first and second down and then on third down would use three or four wide receiver sets.

My belief is that it is more likely that Edwards will perform the way he has the last two games over the course of the regular season as previous head coach Dick Jauron meddled with the offense too much when his background was defense.

In the end, Bills fans hopes of a playoff this year will hinge on how Edwards performs against Miami.

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