Bills might not take a quarterback next year


Many National Football League experts are predicting that the Buffalo Bills will be bad and take a quarterback first overall then in April’s NFL Draft.

The thing is even if the Bills do have the first overall pick they might not take a quarterback at all.

What people are forgetting is that the 2011 Draft will be different as the collective bargaining agreement expires after this year.

That means the first overall pick won’t be getting the ridiculous type of contract in years past.

That should translate to a lot more offers with a considerable amount of picks for the first overall pick than in years past with the lower contract.

This is a certain thing as both sides have made it clear that a rookie cap is in the best interest of the NFL.

Also, the Bills have Brian Brohm at quarterback along with this past April’s seventh round pick Levi Brown who the team likes.

Brohm in his one appearance showed progress as he was decisive, accurate, and had tremendous arm strength.

Finally, there is still a whole regular season with two preseason games to play yet.

In the end, as ESPN’s Chris Berman would say, “That is why they play the games.”

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