Forbes article paints a bleak picture


Forbes came out with its annual evaluation of the worth of all 32 franchises in the National Football League.

After reading the article one can only assume one ugly collective bargaining negotiations are one the horizon.

Overall the league as a whole their value decreased  by two percent, but it was the lower end teams that took a big hit.

Teams like the Buffalo Bill, Saint Louis Rams, and Jacksonville Jaguars franchise’s were devalued by double digits numbers. The reason being that the teams have too many expenses.

The main culprit is the amount of money that goes towards players salaries.

On teams like those those mentioned above the amount of money that goes to players can equal over 70 percent of their overall revenue.

Owners know that this trend has to stop, which is why they opted out of the current collective bargaining agreement early as it was just a terrible deal.

In the end, unless players realize that owners aren’t going to budge from their position there won’t be any football in 2011.

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