The reason why the NFl is a money monster


The National Football League is the biggest sports league in the United States earning more than six billion annually.

Now, we finally know the reason why.

The main reason is that the NFL is innovate and gives what their fans want.

Fans, especially guys, love to deck out a room to show their love for a certain team.

Due to this one fan could drop several thousands on merchandise alone.

Also, a lot of the merchandise is reasonably priced. For example, the shoes in the picture costs $20.

That’s not bad considering that some Nike shoes cost as much as $150.

In the end, the NFL simply knows how to keep us fans coming back for more.

It don’t matter how long you play


National Football League players have been griping for a while about the fact that the schedule is going to increase soon from 16 regular season games to 18.

The fact of the matter is that no matter how years or how many games you played by the time your done with football something is going to be wrong with you.

Of the core six, that is off the top of my head, players that played four years or more of football in my high school class only one made it through without major injury.

Now, we aren’t just talking about broken bones here. We are talking about major injuries like torn ligaments, dislocated knees, disc bulges, and concussions.

Everytime I hear a NFL player whine about the fact that they are going to sustain mor injuries with 18 games that will affect them later in life I laugh.

So, if a NFL player has played 10 years he will now have to play 180 games instead of 160.

That doesn’t include the 40 games in college and 32-48 games played in high school.

Why do you think teams have doctors at the NFL Combine?

The reason it is very rare to have a player enter the NFL without a major injury at some point.

In the end, shut up and play already would you.