Pats and Jets rivalry goes to new level


It has been known for a while that the New England Patriots and the New York Jets don’t like each other very much.

However, today their rivalry has gone to a whole new level.

In years before both teams were relatively quiet when it came to making comments about the other team.

That has changed this year with the Jets being on HBO’s Hard Knocks as according to the Pro Football Talk both New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and New York Jets coach Rex Ryan have professed their hatred for each other.

So, what does this mean?

It means that when the two play each other things are going to get nasty as you can expect several fights, scrums, and maybe even some cheap shots.

At least National Football League fans don’t have to wait long as the Patriots and Jets square off against each other in week two of the regular season.

In the end, stay tuned as with Ryan’s mouth you never know what is going to come out of it next.

Will the Bills be ready?


The Buffalo Bills ended tight end Michael Mathews season as he was waived/injured, which means that if he is not claimed he will go to the injured reserve list.

That begs the question will the Bills’ offense be ready for opening day of the regular season?

Bills head coach Chan Gailey has already stated that with the injuries to running backs Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson they are unable to try their two running backs set in preseason games.

Now, with the injuries to tight end Derek Schouman in last Thursday’s game and Mathews injury the Bills will most likely be unable to try their two tight end set this Saturday against the Cincinnati Bengals, which is most likely the core of their plays.

National Football League head coaches want their teams able to execute the base playbook on a consistent basis going into the regular season.

To make matters worst the Bills open with a tough schedule for their first four games the Bills are facing an impossible mission of getting a win.

In the end, we will find out early what kind of team the Bills really is.