Bills finally have players on IR


Last year the Buffalo Bills within a couple days of the opening of training camp placed a player on injured reserve.

This year things are different as finally after almost a month of training camp the Bills have placed two players on injured reserve.

The Bills announced today that linebacker Danny Batten and wide receiver Marcus Easley’s years are done as they have been placed on injured reserve.

Both players were hurt ealier in camp, but the team was hoping that they would both return at some point.

Even though this is a dose of bad news for the Bills they can look at the positive side of things as most of the injuries suffered at camp besides the two have been twisted ankles or strained muscles, which are natural.

In the end, the way things are going this actually could be a good year for Bills fans.

NFL has only itself to blame


Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco inadvertantly brought trouble to the National Football League he posted a pic on his twitter account of the note tapes to his locker requestion a urine sample, which apparantly isn’t the correct protocal by the World Antidoping Agency standards.

The only people the NFL has to blame are themselves.

“I cannot believe at this day and time, and after all the attention that drug testing has received, that they are doing this,” World Anti-Doping Agency official Dr. Gary Wadler told the New York Times, via Pro Football Talk. “I just don’t believe it — it jeopardizes everything drug testing stands for.”

Where the problem lies is that it gives the player advanced notice that a test is being conducted.

That would allow the player an ample amount of time to use a diluted sample, someone elses, or whatever other measures the player has planned to make sure that he is not caught.

Major League Baseball informs playerd faxe to face and if they cannot go a person follows them around to ensure the sample isn’t tampered with by the player.

I wouldn’t doubt that this is the very reason why multiple NFL players each get suspended for failed drug tests. They simply think that with this flaw they can beat the test.

In baseball since they have instituted testing very few players have been suspended after the initial wave of players. The reason being they know not to even dare try as the testing is solid and the penalties are harsh.

In the end, the NFL needs to reform it’s drug testing proceedures as if there is one there are bound to be others.