Good things to come from Edwards?


In previous season Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards checked down to hid running backs and tight ends a lot, which hurt the offense.

However, this year is different and this reporter wonders if goof things are going to come from Edwards this year.

Edwards yesteday barely threw to his running backs or tight ends and on one occasion the play was a screen pass.

Last year Edwards was content on getting the football to the most open person in order to gain any amount of yards.

This year it is make sure there is nothing down the field at all and then dump it off to the running backs.

What is also helping is that the Bills under head coach Chan Gailey are using a lot of multiple receiver sets and play action on all three downs, which is opening up some options down the field.

Last year the Bills only used multiple wide receiver sets on third downs early in games.

Also, they rarely used play action pass, which freezes linebackers and cornerbacks for a second as they have to honor the run. That creates some separation.

In the end, it looks like the problem was Jauron meddling with the offense, and not Edwards.

Another knock against the scouting department


The Buffalo Bills scouting department has come under heavy fire for not find enough star players.

More fuel was add to those Bills fans’ fire Friday as the National Football League announced that tight end Shawn Nelson is suspended for the first four games of the regular season.

The NFL’s substance abuse policy is different than the steroids policy. With steroids the very first time you are caught you are giving a four game suspension.

With substance abuse on the first positive test the player is just entered into the program. On the second positive test a player is automatically suspended for four games.

That means Nelson tested positive last year as well.

If the front office knew about this and took Nelson at face value it would only prove how stupid they are.

Then on the other hand if the Bills had not known about shows how inneffectice they are at scouting player.

In the end, if the Bills want to keep Nelson from getting suspended for a year they better get him some help.