Sparano has a point


Many media members in Miami are scurrying around in circles at Miami Dolphins training camp waiting for Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall to go Mount Vesuvius.

However, Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano had the right point of view on Marshall’s behavior.

Last year while with the Denver Broncos Marshall punted a football in practice to show his displeasure after holding out a long time.

Then on Monday Marshall punted a football over the fence after he dropped a pass.

Then on Tuesday Marshall did it again to send a message to the media.

After Tuesday’s practice the media asked Sparano about Marshall’s behavior. “I didn’t see it, but, I’m not — I got bigger fish to fry, I wouldn’t worry about that,” Sparano said. “[I mean] if he drops them and he gets pissed off at himself about dropping them, I’m okay with that.”

Sparano is right you have to look at each incident as a player kicking the football or slamming his helmet after a mistake is okay, because it shows that the player cares about what he is doing.

If Marshall was injured or standing around and punted the football then it is a problem.

In the end, it looks like chickcken little got a job down in Miami.

Swearing is part of the game


Former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy condoned the amount of swearing that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan displayed in the latest episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

The fact of the matter is swearing is a part of the game.

Swearing usually comes out when one is frustrated or extremely mad. A head coach a lot of the time is in this state of mind.

The reason being he has to get everything ready to even the smallest detail in order to pull out a win.

Even if a coach doesn’t swear he will come up with some kind of an acronym or use a saying that is demenaing as swear words are.

For example, one of my high school coaches didn’t swear, but had a made up acronym being bochu. That simply stood for I don’t know about you.

Another coach use to call one of my friends who was a team captain a polak, because his named end with ski. However, he wasn’t polish his family changed it when he was younger.

The fact of the matter is that coaches use it, because it is effective as there is no worst feeling than getting ripped by your coach in front of your teammates.

In the end, swearing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.