NFLPA is playing with fire


According to Sportd Business Journal, via Pro Football Talk, the National Football League Palyers Association marketing division sent out letters to NFL Sponsors that when the current marketing deal expires they will no longer be able to use the name and likeness of players.

The NFLPA better be careful, because it is playing with fire.

The NFLPA is being careful to not create a greedy perception, but they would be with this.

Part of the deal allows video game maker EA Sports to prodcue the Madden video game series.

Without a marketing deal in place EA sports won’t be able to produce a new Madden in 2011.

Fans of the NFL love Madden, because it makes you feel like your close to the real product.

No new Madden will only infuriate people. As it will look like they are even making the fans pay for the NFL not doing a new deal as quickly as possible.

In the end, what they need to be doing is working out a new collective bargaining agreement that will satisfy both sides, and not one sided like last time.

Size isn’t everything


Many National Football League experts are wondering if Buffalo Bills running back CJ Spiller can handle the work load with Bills running backs Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch injured.

The faxt is size isn’t everything.

What people are forgeting is that former Buffalo Bills running back Thurman Thomas wasn’t that tall either.

Thomas is 5’10 and during his playing days weighed 200 pounds.

Spiller is 5’11 and weighs 196 pounds. That means it’s not about the weightor height of a player, but the skill of the player and if he can stay healthy.

Thomas was elusive and would make people wiss with spin moves and a lateral hop step to avoid defenders.

If Spiller can make people miss and not take a lot of hits when running Spiller could last a long time in the NFL.

In the end, not everyone is injury prone like New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush.