Coffee is making a mistake


It was learned recently that San Francisco 49ers running back Glenn Coffee intends to retire to go into ministry.

Simply, Coffee is making a mistake.

According to a report Coffee is retiring to become a minister.

God has given Coffee the ability to play witin the National Football League, but feels it is more important to spread the word of god.

The fact is he can do both as the late great Reggie White was also a minister while playing football.

Also, what Coffee is doing is really disrespecting the man as he inteded for Coffee to be an athlete, but instead did what he wanted to do.

In the end, the only thing that Coffe has accomplished is getting everyone angry.

Bills aren’t out of the woods yet


The Buffalo Bills learned that running back Fred Jackson will miss four to six weeks with a broken bone in his right hand.

Even though they will get Jackson back early in the season the Bills aren’t out of the woods yet.

With the time table being only four to six weeks team doxctors must have determined to let the bone heal on its own.

The problem is Jackson’s profession is a National Football League running back and that means he takes a lot of hits yearly.

As Buffalo sports fans know to well is that Jackson could break it in the same spot again this season.

The reason being the bone in that spot is not as strong as it use to be, which means it will break again without a metal plate.

The two examples being former Buffalo Sabres defenseman Henrik Talllinder and Bills middle linebacker Paul Poszluzny as both broke their forearms in the very same spot they originally broke in last time.

IIn the end, whoever decided to skip surgery is making a big mistake.