Good and bad on Edwards’ deep ball


Thinking back on Friday’s night game somthing popped in my head.

That being there was some good things and bad things on the deep pass that Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards threw Friday night against the Washington Redskins.

The Bills had an opportunity for a touchdown Friday night against the Redskins as wide receiver Stevie Johnson fooled his coverage with a stop and go route, which is hesitating for a second and the start running straight again.

Unfortunately, Edwards over threw the Johnson, which is the bad part.

However, the positive from the pass is that Edwards didn’t loft it like he usually did in the past and put the pass more on a straight line.

That is encouraging as a straight line deep pass will allow the wide receiver to catch it in stride, which minimizes the chances the wide receiver will get caught from behind.

There were too many times last year that Edwards had a man deep, but put too much lofted under the football. That loft caused the wide receivers to slow down and be tackled immediately.

There are still going to be frustrating moments as this is Johnson’s first year as a starting wide receiver, which means the timing between Edwards and Johnson won’t always be there.

Fortunately, the Bills have wide receiver Lee Evans and that means Edwards can over throw Evans and it will still be caught as he is so frickien fast and has actually done just that in the past.

In the end, hopefully Edwards will get ot worked out by the start of the regular season.

Jackson will most likely miss first six weeks


Buffalo Bills fans were given a punch in the stomach Friday night as they learned running back Fred Jackson suffered a hand injury.

If what I suspect comes to fruition Jackson will most likely be placed on the physically unable to perform list, which will knock him out of the first six weeks of the season.

Jackson’s agent Jerome Douglas told the associated press that he has a bone injury and the Bills stated that Jackson has a hand injury, which occurred on the second play of the game.

Also, the associated press noticed on the team’s website that Jackson’s left hand was in a cast.

That most likely means when Jackson put a stiff arm on Washington Redskin Kareem Moore his hand got stuck in the face mask, and a bone broke when going down.

If that is indeed the case Jackson won’t be seen again until his hand fully heals. The reason being that a running back has to have both hands available to protect the football when running.

When a running back is running he always carries in his arm that is closest to the sidelines. That way if he fumbles it there is a really good chance it will just go out of bounds.

In the end, if Jackson don’t have the full capability of his hands he is a liability on the field.

Bills at Redskins commentary


The Buffalo Bills got demolished in its first preseason game of the 2010 season.

Here is what I thought of the game.

The depth at the tackle position is just terrible as Jarmon Merideth and Kirk Chambers look like they don’t even belong on a National Football League roster.

Edwards looks like a different quarterback as he was willing to put the ball where he had to throw it to in order to make plays and I will side with Gailey on this one outside of the interception he was good.  He was rock solid on the first drive and would have been better in the later part, but the offensive line couldn’t block tonight and Edwards had guys in his face all night long.

Fortunately the offensive line was missing three starters, so it should get better.

Even though the Bills offensive lineman are not good in pass protection they are very good at run blocking, which should allow for some big plays in the running game.

With the number of running plays the Bills will run a game there will be enough touches to go around.

As for the defense nose tackle Kyle Williams is not a starting nose tackle as on the only double team of the night he got manhandled and pushed out of the hole.  Once the regular season starts team will make it a part of their game plan to double Williams on every run there is to create running room.

As for Bills linebacker Andra Davis it is evident why he is only a first and second down guy as his coverage skills stink.

Finally, the defense has a huge problem with its ability to get off blocks to stop the offense.  I noticed it last year and it is rearing its ugly head again.

In the end, everyone on the Bills have work to do to get read y for the regular season.