Time for the offense to stepup


The Buffalo Bills open their preseason schedule Friday against the Washington Redskins.

With the offense being up and down in practice its time for them to step up.

The offense was miserable from the open of training camp until recently.

Then Bills quarterback Trent Edwards finally got his act together as over the last three practices he has looked solid.

Tommorrow will be the next step in figuring out if Edwards can cut it in the National Football League or not as up until now he hasn’t taken any hits.

In the past Edwards has shown he can be rattled, which causes him to check down to his outlet receiver a lot.

With starting left tackle Demetrius Bell being held out of Friday’s game Edwards is sure to take some hits.

When that happens if Edwards resorts to old habits the Bills might as well cut him.

In the end, its crunch time baby.

Will part of the Bills be for sale soon?


According to CNBC, via Pro Football Talk, a 30 percent stake of a National Football League franchise will be up for sale in April.

One has to wonder if Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson finally listened.

Many fans and memebers of the media have asked why hasn’t the a part of the Bills come up for sale as a way to help transition the transition to a new owner.

Wilson already knows that former Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly has a group that is interested in buying the Bills.

With Wilson being 92 this October it would,’t surprise me if Wilson finally has come to his senses and realized that he needs to start planning for life after his death.

Wilson stated before that after he dies the team will be sold, but leaving his heir with such a big reponsibility is careless.

He has given 50 years if his life to this team and any sensible business man would take measures that his beloved business passes on to the right person.

In the NFL an owner can do that by selling the 30 percent stake as in the contract to buy the team the minority owner has the first right to match any offer to buy the team so he can buy it hinmself.

In the end, only time will tell if Wilson did the right thing.