This excuse takes the cake (literally)


Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek mysteriously missed practice this morning.

The reason litterally takes the cake.

According to Jordan Ranaan of Comcast Philadelphia, Celek missed practice due to being sick after he ate a piece of cheesecake that sat in his car for five hours.

It looks like Celek must have some aspirations to appear on a reality TV show like Survivor or Fear Factor, becaue there isn’t a single sane reason that I can think of.

In the end, Celek will not hear the end of this from his teammates for a long time, and he deserves every minute of it.

Balmer would be wise to return


San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Kentwan Balmer was expected back Wednesday morning after be given a couple days off to attend to a family matter.

If Balmer was smart he would be getting his rear back to camp.

First, any player that doesn’t have an excuse for missing practice will be fined for each infraction, which is usually a couple of thousand.

Then if there is an extensive amount of unexcused time the team could then go after th players prorated signing bonus for that year.

For those who don’t exactly understand that when a contract is signed the team will then give the player a certain amount of money all up front.

The National Football League though decided to give teams a break and instead of applying it towards a salary cap in one lump sum they divide the signing bonus up into the length of the contract to figure out the salary cap.

In the end, if Balmer still has that family matter the least he could do is pick up a phone.