What a difference on the injury front


Last year the Buffalo Bills suffered a season ending injury for a player only a couple days into training camps as the team placed running back Justise Harriston on injured reserve on July 28th after they opened camp on July 25th.

However, there is a huge difference this year as the Bills have yet to suffer a season ending injury.

Last year the Bills opened training camp on July 25th and placed its first player on injured reserve on July 28th only four days after practice opened.

This year the Bills have yet to have a player placed on injured reserve and still counting depending on the team’s decision on what they are going to do with rookie wide receiver Marcus Easley who suffered a serious injury to his left leg, which is a 10 day difference so far.

The difference is not the practices themselves, but the change in strength and conditioning coaches.

The Bills hired two strength and conditioning coaches in Eric Ciano and John Gamble as one oversees the skilled players and the other the offensive and defensive line and with them they brought a more rigorous weight lifting program that included squatting, which the team hasn’t required in years.

That one exercise has made a huge difference as half of the injuries in training camp have been upper body while last year it was mostly lower body.

In the end, you can expect a much healthier Bills team during the 2010 regular season.

Boom roasted Cushings


Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushings has offered up a plausible eplination to his positive test for HCG last year in “overtrained athlete syndron.”

Already, Cushing is boom roasted!

In Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback Tuesday edition King wrote about an interview that SI’s David Epstein did with Laurence A. Cole who is a HCG researcher at the University of New Mexico and director of the HCG Reference Service.

According to Cole there are a couple of instances of elevated HCG in the body, which are the testicles could completely stop working, as in a case of testicular cancer, or a disease called hypogonadotropism, or a hereditary disease called hCG syndrome — resulting in more than normal hCG being produced in the body.

As for the overtrained athlete syndrom, “It sounds like a far stretch. I have never seen a case like that.”

In other words Cushing is once again lying to try and get his way out of a suspension.

Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas tweeted, via Pro Football Talk, “I have never heard of the OVERTRAINED ATHLETE SYNDROME, accept the punishment Brian Cushing… Jerry Rice or Walter Payton didn’t have it… ”

Thomas brings up a good point as Rice is known for his workouts running up the hills of San Francisco, California.

In the end, Cushing needs to simply shut up and take his punishment like a real man,

Did Trent figure it out?


Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards for the most part of his career has struggled against 3-4 defenses.

However, it looks like Edwards may have figured it out.

From the beginning of training camp Edwards got more and more with last Friday’s practice being rock bottom.

Then out of nowhere in the very next practice Edwards looked like a whole different quarterback.

After barely even getting a first down in the two minute drill Friday Edwards on Saturday led the team down the field, but didn’t scorem

Then on Monday he led the offense again down the field and this time scored a touchdown.

Edwards looks like the light bulb may be finally going on as practicing against a 3-4 has allowed him to get use to the way r-s disguse coverages.

In the end, the next step is for Edwards to perform this way on the field during a game.