Cushing is only making an ass of himself


Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushings has offered up am excuse in his latest effort to somehow clear his name.

The only thing he is doing though is making an ass of himself.

Cushing already has one believer in Texans owner Bob McNair as he has paid for most of Cushing’s medical expenses.

According to reports, Cushing has stated that doctors have supposively diagnosed him with “overtrained athlete syndrom.”

That right there is a bunch of bs as any person who weight lifts knows that the average body can only handle weight lifting four times a week as anymore than that a person won’t have the energy or strength to do so.

If that was the case then Cushing would be weak and his performance on the field would have been bad.

In the end, Cushing is starting to paint himself as one of the most evil National Football Player of all time as he will use anyone to get what he wants.

Jets were smart to say no


New York Jets cornerback Darrell Revis, who is holding for a new contract, made a recent proposal to the Jets front office.

They were smart to say no to Revis.

According to, via Pro Football Talk, Revis’s proposal would make him a Jet for life.

However, those type of contracts have been proven to be ineffective with the latest example being Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Urlacher deal was for nine years and after four he was complaining about how it was out of date as he was only making half of what the market value was.

The same thing will happen to Revis as after about five years he will be complaining as there is a huge premium on cornerbacks and they usually get ridiculous deals.

So, why do a long term deal when you are going to be back at the negotiating table anyways.

In the end, the only thing that is getting accomplished is Revis looking like a bigger idiot.

Finally, some more sportmanship


For the last several years players actions after a simple big play has only gotten worst.

However, there will finally be more sportsmanship in the National Football League.

According to ESPN’s Tim Graham, the NFL will make it a point of emphasis to enforce sportsmanship. That means when a player that has just made a big play gets in the opponents face a 15 yard taunting penalty will be called.

Also, information will be collected on players who whine and try to influence officials to throw a penalty flag. Like wide receivers who are notorious for pretending to reach in their back pocket and throw a flag.

Hopefully, the one thing that pisses me off that will be gone soon is the offensive players that signal first down after making a catch or run for one.

It is fine to give your teammate a high five after a big play like a sack or a gain of 20 or more yards, but big celebrations should be saved for turnovers and touchdowns.

In the end, players have pushed the envelope too far for too long.