Reed’s time will soon come


Former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Andre Reed will have to wait another year to get into the Hall of Fame.

However, his time will come soon.

Reed is in my books one of the legends of the National Football League as Reed and former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice were the reasons that the NFL started to track yards after the catch in the early 1990’s

Both Reed and Rice were notorius for taking a simply crossing route over the middle and turning it into a huge gain.

When Reed retired he was third all time in receptions with 951 and would of had more if he wasn’t unceremoniusly dumped by Bills former general manager Tom Donahoe.

The fact of the matter is that Reed would of had more, but the Bills during that time in the fourth quarter were closing out games by running the ball mostly.

In the end, the Hall of Fame selection committee knows Reed deserves in and it is just a matter of the right time.

Goodell needs to crack down on the hazing


Hazing has been a ritual on all levels of football that can result in some pretty bad things like injury and death.

With what is being reported on Pro Football Talk it is about time National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell stepped in, and put a end to it.

Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow had his hair cut to make him look like a friar as part of their hazing.

There is simply no room for bull crap like this as I myself saw a teammate get injured due to hazing by teammates.

If veteran players really want to teach rookies that they have to earn their way in the NFL have them work in food pantries and other forms of community service.

All these incidents show is how immature people can be sometimes.

You Broncos are just so cool for cutting Tebow’s hair like that.  NOT!

In the end, get a life you losers.