Don’t be worried about the injuries


The Buffalo Bills for the last several season have been ravaged by season ending injuries to players that started in training camp, and never stopped.

Even though there were 15 Bills players on the sidelines Bills fans shouldn’t be worried about them.

The reason being is that three of them were given rest in defensive end Marcus Stroud, inside linebacker Kawika Mitchell, and left tackle Demetrius Bell and that most of the other injuries range from a couple days to a couple weeks.

The change is in the weight training as over the last several seasons they weren’t required to do rigorous weightlifting routines, and that translated into injuries.

However, Bills head coach Chan Gailey hired two strength and conditioning coaches to revamp the program, which was once one the best in the National Football League.

In past years the amount of injuries would be a lot less, but many of them would be season ending injuries already or players missing a significant amount of time.

In the end, Bills fans should start worrying only when Bills players start landing upĀ  on injured reserve.

Will the Bills offense get better now?


The Buffalo Bills announced Friday that they signed running back CJ Spiller.

The question is now how much better will he make the offense?

There will be some difference as Spiller will be split out as a wide receiver. When Spiller does this he should draw a linebacker to cover him, which will create a mismatch and a easily identifiable target for the quarterbacks.