Trent’s time is up


Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards started off strong as usual in spring practices and since the bullets started flying for real he has only gotten worst.

The fact is Edward’s time as the starting quarterback of the Bills is over.

In Wednesday’s practice the defense dominated with Edwards help as he was missing wide open receivers.

However, the real reason that Edwards is struggling is that Edwards cannot read a 3-4 defense and it shows as the defense has gotten better the offense has only gotten worst and worst.

In addition to Edwards usual hesitation he is now missing wide open receivers badly.

It was key for Edwards this year to show that he is willing to make the throws necessary to be successful in the National Football League.  All he has shown is that he hasn’t learned a darn thing.

Then when speaking with the media he has the audacity to give the usual bull crap that they need to learn from their mistakes.  The thing is Edwards has been saying this since he has come into the league and by now there should be some improvement.

In the end, until Edwards sees a shrink to get over his fear of loss he will amount to nothing.

Schobel shows he has a bigger ego


Former Buffalo Bills defensive end Bruce Smith’s record for most career sacks as a Bill won’t be touched for a long time now that the Bills officially released outside linebacker Aaron Schobel.

However, Schobel shows that he has the bigger ego.

Smith always was a pain with money as every time some teammates contract exceeded his he wanted more to make sure his contract was the highest on the team.

The thing is Smith deserved it as the only other defensive end in the league that could match his skills was the late former Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers defensive end Reggie White.

Schobel has displayed just as big of an ego when his contract in his eyes was too small he complained to the Bills.

What makes Schobel worst is the fact that he pulled this whole retirement crap when he simply wanted to be cut.

Smith never whined when the Bills were in decline he stuck it out as he wasn’t just about to turn his back on guys that he has sweat, bled, and went through a lot with and would have retired a Bill if former general manager Tom Donahoe hadn’t cut him.

It is sad what the game has turned into as it is a what have you done for me lately and if a player has never made it to the playoffs late in his career they whine about.

The only person to blame here is former NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw as his pursuit to get every single dollar he can out of owners has created a monster.

In the end, Scobel has turned his legacy of that from a solid player with good character to that of a big whinney little baby.

One thing Bills fans need to keep an eye on


The Buffalo Bills have ran goal line situations twice in the last two day something that the Bills had a problem with all of last year.

With the results the first team offense is displaying in practice Bills fans better keep an eye out on this throughout the preseason.

Last year the Bills were terrible in situations where the team had three yards or less to go.  Already in training camp the first team offense is displaying that is still a problem.

Both times the first team offense was stuffed on three straight plays.  That means if the team doesn’t improve on it significantly over the next three weeks the team is going to be in for a long season.

The fact of the matter is that great teams convert on those situations and the Bills for years have not thanks to previous head coach Dick Jauron.

In the end, if the Bills don’t improve on this it will be a long season.