Spiller needs to get real


Buffalo Bills first round draft pick running back CJ Spiller is one of only two people that still remains unsigned from this past year’s National Football League Draft.

At this point Spiller needs to get real.

It is starting to look like Spiller’s agent for whatever reason is either trying to break the slotting process or get some terms the Bills don’t agree to.

In any which case Spiller isn’t going to get it as the Draft is a slotting process and the pick after him and before him is signed. That means all that remain is how much of an increase over last year ninth overall pick.

The only thing that Spiller is accomplishing is making himself look like an idiot as all he is going to be at most is the third running back that will appear on third downs and will line up as a wide receiver on some packages and plays.

In the end, just sign the deal already Spiller.

My idea


For years now it has been suggested that a device should be placed within the football to see if a football really crossed the plane of the goal line or not.

Well I thought it was time to chime in with my idea since the National Football League is in talks to develop this type of technology.

“Yes, we are talking. There is a demand in American football,” Cairos Technologies sales director Mario Hanus told Reuters, via SportsBusiness Daily, which we learned through Pro Football Talk.

There is one problem as I see it a microchip is like a human brain it is fragile and if you smash it so many times it will break.

Also, you cannot just encase it with whatever you want as if you used metal you would make it weigh more, thus making it harder to kick and throw the football.

Let’s not forget if it is right on the skin there is potential for it to bounce funny.

So, I thought to myself how to fix all these potential problems.

My idea not only solved them, but enhanced the sensory capability, which should help out in determining when a person fumbles.

Simply, make the device light wieght with light weight springs to keep it centered within the football.

Also, through the center of the springs will be wires that will have leads on the end to sense if a hand is holding the football and the leads will be water resistant.

This is exactly the reason why the NFL is top sport in America as it listens to its fans and implements the good ideas that makes the game better.

In the end, this type of technology will revolutionize sports.