Not so fast Aaron


Earlier Monday a report surfaced that Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Aaron Schobel will be released out right.

Well not so fast Aaron.

According to Chris Brown of the Bills’ website, via Pro Football Talk, “He will remain on our Reserve/Did Not Report list until he makes a decision about what he wants to do, whether it’s retire or if he might want to play somewhere else,” said Nix.

In other words Schobel needs to make up his mind first on whether he is going to play and then the Bills will seek a trade. If they cannt find one then they will outright release him.

The most likely landing spot is the Houston Texans who need another pass rusher, is close to his home, and runs a 4-3.

Schobel has stated that he will retire for sure after this year, but if he lands with a winner you can expect him to change his mind.

In the end, hopefully the Bills can still get a late round pick for Schobel.

Spiller deal should come soon


It has been predicted that Buffalo Bills first round draft pick running back CJ Spiller will be the last one to sign out of the entire National Football League Draft.

However, there is a good possibility they are wrong.

The reason being that 10th overall pick Jacksonville Jaguars defense tackle Tyson Alualu has signed his contract.

That mean Spiller has been slotted as the eighth overall pick in Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain is also signed.

That should make a deal easier unless Spiller’s agent tries to break the slotting process, which will not happen as deals in the top 10 always contain phony money.

In the end, Spiller will still have an impact this year as he is a running back and that is the easiest position to transition to in the NFL.

Good riddens to bad rubbish


According to Pro Football Talk, the Buffalo Bills have decided to move on as they released a statement a statement stating that they decided to move forward as it was the teams best interest.

As the saying goes good riddens to bad rubbish.

The site then later reported that when released Schobel will talk to other teams, so in other words Schobel wanted out without having to request it.

Simply, this probably the most pathetic thing I have ever seen.

The fact of the matter is that if Schobel would have asked for his release in the first place everyone would have repected him for it.

However, Schobel had to create this whole sherade and now is nothing but a pathetic loser.

In the end, thank god this is over as now we can see what outside linebacker Aaron Maybin is made of.