Bills have a little bit of luck


The Buffalo Bills have been one of the worst teams in the National Football League for a decade now.

However, they still have a little bit of luck.

According to ESPN’s Tim Graham three former Buffalo Bills tested positive for Starcaps when they were with the team.

Luckily for the Bills the three players were granted clemency as they pleaded ignorance to Dr John Lombardo who heads the NFL testing administration, which some how worked at the time.

Those three players were wide receiver Johnathan Smith, fullback Damion Shelton, and cornerback Nate Clements.

There were a couple more players that also tested positive as well around the league at that time in Miami Dolphins tackle Vernon Carey and New York Jets offensive tackle Damien Woody, who was with the Detroit Lions at the time.

In the end, thankfully the three weren’t suspended as Bills fans don’t need more negative drama in their life.

Bills will make a huge turn around in one area


The Buffalo Bills last year were the eighth most penalized team, but that was under head coach Dick Jauron.

However, Chan Gailey is the Bills head coach and Bills fans can expect a huge turn around in the penalties department.

According to ESPN’s Tim Graham, Gailey depises presnap penalties and will not accept any excuses for them as they are simply due to a lack of focus.

“I don’t have any magic wand. I don’t have any pixie dust. We’re going to work on it every day. We make it a point of emphasis. Guys generally will respond to things you make a point of emphasis of,” Gailey said.

Simply, Gailey is an old school disciplinarian that believes in the correct way things should be done. His reasoning is its the way things are done to be successful in the National Football League, and not juse because its what he believes in.

Disciplinarian head coaches get farther with players as they know they better do things right or there will be major consequences, which can come in the form of conditioning.

Now, nobody is perfect as there will be the occasional false start, especially on the road where crowds make it hard to hear the quarterback, but it won’t be nearly near the levels they were at in 2009.

In the end, the more that comes out the more Gailey looks like a good fit for the Bills.