The loss of a legend


The National Football League lost a legend today as former Oakland Raiders cornerback Jack Tatum died today.

It goes to show that no matter what your age you need to take care of your health.

According to, via Pro Football Talk, Tatum died of an apparent heart attack.

The tragic thing is that when athletes retire a lot of them just stop working out and let themselves go.

Now, if they continued working out, even at an old age, a lot of their current health problems would be gone, or would never happen.

I also fell victim to that as after I retired due to concussion I stopped working out, also not having money didn’t help either, and I ballooned up to 265 pounds after being 150 in college.

However, I have learned my lesson and I am down to 212, which would be lower, but I focused on getting my bench press sets to 225 pounds and squatting sets to 315.

Even children need to watch their health as eating unheathly and going over the amount of calories that one needs daily leads to obesity.

In the end, Tatum is just another example of the amount of time lost when a loved one doesn’t take care of themself.

Patriots need to get something done


New England Patiots quarterback Tom Brady has always taken a lower salary than he could have gotten as to help the team keep some players.

Now, Brady has one year left on his contract, so you think a contract would have been done by now.

However, that isn’t the case and if they don’t want to lose Brady they better get something done quickly.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Brady isn’t happy that something hasn’t been done. To be honest with you if I was in his shoes I would be as well.

Several top National Football League quarterbacks make over $10 million a season, which makes Brady’s salary of $6.5 million peanuts.

The thing is that all they have to do is give Brady a roster bonus of five million and he should be content as the Patriots would have to franchise tag him, which would make contract negotiations a lot easier.

In the end, if they do nothing you can expect Brady to be wearing a different jersey soon.

Momma knows best


Philadelphia Eagles players reported to training camp and backup quarterback Michael Vick spoke briefly to reporters.

Apparently, in the Vick family momma knows best.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, via Pro Football Talk, Vick regrets having a public birthday party and that he should have just listened to his momma and had a private one.

Mrs. Vick in this instance hit it right on the head as when a football player is having a birthday party at a club tons of people are going to come as there will be more National Football League players in addition to Vick.

Usually, when there is a lot of people that have been drinking around things go bad, and it did on that particular night.

In the end, hopefully NFL player will learn from this and avoid public parties for now on.

Kindle injury not a good sign


The Baltimore Ravens took linebacker Sergio Kindle in the second round of last April’s National Football League Draft in hopes that his injury problems would be behind him.

However, that is not the case as Kindle recent injury turns out to be a fractured skull, and that isn’t a good sign.

According to reports, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh stated that Kindle was staying at a friends house, woke up in the middle of the night, made a wrong turn, and fell down the stairs.

Hopefully, his friend has homeowners insurance as Kindle is expected to miss all of training camp, but could be ready for the season opener.

However, just like Harbaugh said he would have a lot of catching up to do, which means Kindle will miss a lot of playing time early on.

In the end, incidents like these can be costly at the end of the year.

Foxworth’s comment not surprising


Many National Football League fans are shaking their head over Baltimore Ravens cornerback Dominique Foxworth’s comment ona rookie wage scale who is also the president in waiting.

To me they aren’t surprising at all.

“As far as a wage scale is concerned, it’s not somethingthat I support,” Foxworth said, as transcribed by Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times, via Pro Football Talk.

“This is a pay-by-potential league. If guys got paidoff what they did on the field, then guys like Tim Brown would havemade a lot more money. If the team believes in rookies’ potential, then that’s what they should get paid,” Foxworth continued.

“It’s kind of an unfairconcept to change the way the league works now for those young guys just because they’re young guys and can’t defend themselves because they’re not in the league yet,” he finished.

The fact of the matter is those comments are more of a ploy to gain as much leverage as possible against the NFL to keep as many things as possible in collective bargaining negotiations.

People need to remember that peole in power within the NFLPA are aware that every comment they make is crucial.

Thay means anything they say will further in the agenda.

In the end, the only thing they are accomplishing is making themselves look like idiots.

How much longer will the Eagles put up with Vick?


According to Pro Football Talk, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick is back in bankruptcy court due to decisions that violated bankruptcy laws several years ago.

One has to wonder how much more can the Eagles put up with?

Vick in the months prior to filing for bankruptcy made out 54 checks to cash totaling over $750 thousand, which he gave to family, friends, and his three fellow codefendants for their legal fees.

Vick is already in hot water for deciding to have a public birthday, which resulted in one of his former codefendants Quanis Phillips to show up for, and then getting shot later.

If Vick is found guilty then you can expect National Football League commisioner Roger Goodell to suspend him again.

In the end, the way things are going for Vick you can expect him to be out of the NFL for good soon enough.

Maybin will get his shot to prove it


Most draft picks that are taken in the top 10 of the National Football League Draft have an immediate impact right away, but for Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Aaron Maybin that was’t the case.

Finally, Maybin will get his shot this year to prove his worth.

Maybin missed all of training camp last year due to a contract holdout, but even if he was on time it wouldn’t have mattered as the Bills planned to have ride the bench for a year.

Now, with the retirement of long time defensive lineman Aaron Schobel Maybin will get to start this year.

There is no doubt in my mind Maybin will prove his worth as his mentor is Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and former Washington Redskins linebacker Lavar Arrington.

Obviously, to be worth while he needs to record the same number of sacks or more than Schobel did, which was usually 10 or more a season.

That may be a reach as most solid pass rushers get about eight or nine.

In the end, if Maybin to me there is no doubt in my mind that Maybin will be a probowler someday.

Helmet study means nothing


National Football League and the National Football League Players Association released the findings of a study done on helmet.

The fact is the study is meaning less.

The study finds that all the helmets made met government standards, but they will never prevent the real cause for concussions.

Concussions are caused when the brain smashes against the skull after a collision.

Even just suffering minor concussions can cause huge longterm problems for a player.

So, that means there are only two ways to help prevent concussion.

First, reduced the number of big collisions like making it illegal to pull an offensive line man.

Secondly, create a device that can suspend the brain in the middle of the skull no matter how faster or slow a person moves.

In the end, concussions will always be a problem until some measures like these are taken.

Ditka misses the point


Mike Ditka told ESPN Radio in Chicago, via Pro Football Talk, “I hear that [lockout] talk and I just can’t believe anybody is that stupid.”

Simply, Ditka is missing the point of the whole thing.

Ditka cites the multiple billions of dollars that the National Football League takes in, but players get 60 percent of all the revenues, which means that the increase in revenue by big market clubs is raising the salary cap faster than the small market teams’ increase in revenues.

That will result in yearly losses soon for all small market clubs, which will then force them to leave their current market.

So, under the current salary cap system the NFL will soon see the Green Bay Packers move or fold, along with the likes of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the end, the NFL wouldn’t be the same without those two teams, but it will become reality if the NFL keeps around the current formula for figuring the salary cap.

Evans is the Bills best player


According to Ryen Russillo on ESPN Radio’s “Scott Van Pelt Show,” the Buffalo Bills best player is CJ Spiller who ESPN’s Tim Graham agreed with in a interview.

However, I believe that is wrong as that distinction belongs to Bills wide receiver Lee Evans.

Evans has the potential to be great, but has been average due to play design over the last four years.

When you think about great wide receivers like San Francisco 49ers Jerry Rice, Bills Andre Reed or Minnesota Vikings Chris Carter you remember how they were able to take a five yard drag route over the middle and make it into a firstdown or touchdown.

Now, let me ask you when is the last time you have seen Evans catch a football on a drag route?

Never, because he doesn’t run them as coaches are so caught up with his speed they are always using him for down field routes to open the field.

In the end, its time to get creative with Evans and use his full potential for once.