Will Gailey use Nelson the right way


For the first time since Jay Riemersma the Buffalo Bills have a exceptional receiving tight end in Shawn Nelson.

The question is will Gailey use him the right way?

For a long time now tight ends in the Bills offense have been blockers or simple dump off options.

With Nelson that should change since he was a former wide receiver he has the speed to separate from strong safeties and good route running skills.

There are already some indications of this as in the Buffalo News it is mentioned that one of quarterback Trent Edwards passes hit tight end Jonathan Stupar on a seam route.

Geesh, when was the last time the Bills actually used that type of route in a football game? Probably most likely in the glory days of the early 1990’s with tight ends Keith McKellar and Pete Metzelaars.

In the end, if the Bills offense is going to be successful this year they need to take advantage of Nelson’s skills.

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