Did Shanahan shoot himself in foot


Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan forced nose tackle Albert Haynesworth to retake the conditioning test.

The question is now did Shanahan shoot himself in the foot doing so?

According to Pro Football Talk, Haynesworth had to skip the conditioning test Saturday to rest as he has developed a swollen knee.

The fact of the matter is that Haynesworth is a nose tackle and nose tackles don’t have to run down the field. So, when a head coach forces a nose tackle to take a 300 yard conditioning test there is going to be problems.

A swollen knee indicates something is torn within the knee, so at the least Haynesworth will miss two weeks to recover from orthroscopic surgery. Obviously, it can be longer if they discover something major wrong.

Just because Haynesworth is a National Football League player doesn’t mean he can run as far as you want him to. Haynesworth is a grossly overweight human that cannot run that far.

In the end, if Shanahan keeps pushing Haynesworth like this after he returns there is a good chance he could lose him for the season.

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