Bass Pro debacle sends a clear message


For a decade now it has been planned that Bass Pro would anchor the downtown Buffalo, NY waterfront development, but that reality came to a screeching halt as Bass Pro has formally pulled out of the project.

This sends a clear message that if Buffalo is going to keep the Bills and for New York State to prosper again the current constitution needs to be scrapped all together.

I know for sure that the United States Constitution can be scrapped by following certain procedures and I don’t doubt that is the same case for New York State.

To me the most glaring sign of how bad it is in New York is a line uttered from ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd, “New York State is the most taxed state and has the least to show in regards to athletic facilities.

Obviously, this was before the New York Giants and Jets new stadium, but he is right.  Before New York City got its act together with stadiums the last time a stadium had major renovations done was Bills’ Ralph Wilson Stadium in the late 1990’s and the last brand new pro athletic facility that was built was the Buffalo Sabres’  HSBC Arena in 1996.

In the end, if something isn’t done politically soon they will have to divide up New York State just so people can have the basic necessities in life.

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