Fight means nothing


In the Buffalo Bills afternoon practice a fight broke out between outside linebacker Aaron Maybin and gaurd Geoff Hangartner after Maybin hit running back Fred Jackson from behind.

As much as people may want to look at this being a positive it means nothing.

Many people have commented that they are bappy with the offensive line coming to Jackson’s defense as it shows a new attitude.

However, where the attitude really matters is in the trenches on game day.

Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News hinted at this as he wrote the Bills have been much better running the football in practice. That essentially means they are serious about this attitude.

Hopefully, this will come to fruition on game day as I myself always played with the attitude of anyone in an opposing jersey you rip their head off and you know what down their throat. Of course I expect that from the Bills offensive and defensive line.

If there is one thing for sure the defense is bound and determined to be a top unit this year as they were hitting offensive players hard in the passing game, which should lead to more fights this year if they are serious about the attitude.

In the end, for the first time in a long time training camp will be fun again for Bills fans.

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