Poz is limited


I checked my phone a little after six to my dismay that there were two text messages from the Buffalo Bills as I am signed up for text alerts.

The first one was of course the team announcing the signing of second round pick nose tackle Torell Troup.

However, the second one took me by surprise as the Bills announce starting middle linebacker Paul Posluszny will be limited the first couple weeks of camp due to offseason groin surgery.

My theory is that Poz tore hise groin while weight lifting. More specifically he most likely tore it while doing sets of squats.

Now that I think of it more announcements like about groin injuries won’t be surprising as the new strength and conditioning coaches have forced players to start doing squats after years of not doing them, which strong safety Donte Whitner admitted to earlier this year.

In the end, hopefully Poz won’t retear his groin during the season like free safety Jarius Byrd did.

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