The loss of a legend


The National Football League lost a legend today as former Oakland Raiders cornerback Jack Tatum died today.

It goes to show that no matter what your age you need to take care of your health.

According to, via Pro Football Talk, Tatum died of an apparent heart attack.

The tragic thing is that when athletes retire a lot of them just stop working out and let themselves go.

Now, if they continued working out, even at an old age, a lot of their current health problems would be gone, or would never happen.

I also fell victim to that as after I retired due to concussion I stopped working out, also not having money didn’t help either, and I ballooned up to 265 pounds after being 150 in college.

However, I have learned my lesson and I am down to 212, which would be lower, but I focused on getting my bench press sets to 225 pounds and squatting sets to 315.

Even children need to watch their health as eating unheathly and going over the amount of calories that one needs daily leads to obesity.

In the end, Tatum is just another example of the amount of time lost when a loved one doesn’t take care of themself.

Patriots need to get something done


New England Patiots quarterback Tom Brady has always taken a lower salary than he could have gotten as to help the team keep some players.

Now, Brady has one year left on his contract, so you think a contract would have been done by now.

However, that isn’t the case and if they don’t want to lose Brady they better get something done quickly.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Brady isn’t happy that something hasn’t been done. To be honest with you if I was in his shoes I would be as well.

Several top National Football League quarterbacks make over $10 million a season, which makes Brady’s salary of $6.5 million peanuts.

The thing is that all they have to do is give Brady a roster bonus of five million and he should be content as the Patriots would have to franchise tag him, which would make contract negotiations a lot easier.

In the end, if they do nothing you can expect Brady to be wearing a different jersey soon.