Foxworth’s comment not surprising


Many National Football League fans are shaking their head over Baltimore Ravens cornerback Dominique Foxworth’s comment ona rookie wage scale who is also the president in waiting.

To me they aren’t surprising at all.

“As far as a wage scale is concerned, it’s not somethingthat I support,” Foxworth said, as transcribed by Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times, via Pro Football Talk.

“This is a pay-by-potential league. If guys got paidoff what they did on the field, then guys like Tim Brown would havemade a lot more money. If the team believes in rookies’ potential, then that’s what they should get paid,” Foxworth continued.

“It’s kind of an unfairconcept to change the way the league works now for those young guys just because they’re young guys and can’t defend themselves because they’re not in the league yet,” he finished.

The fact of the matter is those comments are more of a ploy to gain as much leverage as possible against the NFL to keep as many things as possible in collective bargaining negotiations.

People need to remember that peole in power within the NFLPA are aware that every comment they make is crucial.

Thay means anything they say will further in the agenda.

In the end, the only thing they are accomplishing is making themselves look like idiots.

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