How much longer will the Eagles put up with Vick?


According to Pro Football Talk, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick is back in bankruptcy court due to decisions that violated bankruptcy laws several years ago.

One has to wonder how much more can the Eagles put up with?

Vick in the months prior to filing for bankruptcy made out 54 checks to cash totaling over $750 thousand, which he gave to family, friends, and his three fellow codefendants for their legal fees.

Vick is already in hot water for deciding to have a public birthday, which resulted in one of his former codefendants Quanis Phillips to show up for, and then getting shot later.

If Vick is found guilty then you can expect National Football League commisioner Roger Goodell to suspend him again.

In the end, the way things are going for Vick you can expect him to be out of the NFL for good soon enough.

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