Helmet study means nothing


National Football League and the National Football League Players Association released the findings of a study done on helmet.

The fact is the study is meaning less.

The study finds that all the helmets made met government standards, but they will never prevent the real cause for concussions.

Concussions are caused when the brain smashes against the skull after a collision.

Even just suffering minor concussions can cause huge longterm problems for a player.

So, that means there are only two ways to help prevent concussion.

First, reduced the number of big collisions like making it illegal to pull an offensive line man.

Secondly, create a device that can suspend the brain in the middle of the skull no matter how faster or slow a person moves.

In the end, concussions will always be a problem until some measures like these are taken.

Ditka misses the point


Mike Ditka told ESPN Radio in Chicago, via Pro Football Talk, “I hear that [lockout] talk and I just can’t believe anybody is that stupid.”

Simply, Ditka is missing the point of the whole thing.

Ditka cites the multiple billions of dollars that the National Football League takes in, but players get 60 percent of all the revenues, which means that the increase in revenue by big market clubs is raising the salary cap faster than the small market teams’ increase in revenues.

That will result in yearly losses soon for all small market clubs, which will then force them to leave their current market.

So, under the current salary cap system the NFL will soon see the Green Bay Packers move or fold, along with the likes of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the end, the NFL wouldn’t be the same without those two teams, but it will become reality if the NFL keeps around the current formula for figuring the salary cap.