Evans is the Bills best player


According to Ryen Russillo on ESPN Radio’s “Scott Van Pelt Show,” the Buffalo Bills best player is CJ Spiller who ESPN’s Tim Graham agreed with in a interview.

However, I believe that is wrong as that distinction belongs to Bills wide receiver Lee Evans.

Evans has the potential to be great, but has been average due to play design over the last four years.

When you think about great wide receivers like San Francisco 49ers Jerry Rice, Bills Andre Reed or Minnesota Vikings Chris Carter you remember how they were able to take a five yard drag route over the middle and make it into a firstdown or touchdown.

Now, let me ask you when is the last time you have seen Evans catch a football on a drag route?

Never, because he doesn’t run them as coaches are so caught up with his speed they are always using him for down field routes to open the field.

In the end, its time to get creative with Evans and use his full potential for once.

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