Finally the first domino is about to fall


All of the National Football League first round draft picks remain unsigned, which is very unusual compared to years past.

However, the first domino is about to fall for first round draft picks.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter on NFL live, via Pro Football Talk, the word is that both the Dallas Cowboys and wide receiver Dez Bryant want to avoid a hold out. That means the two will be working into the night this Friday to get something done.

In the end, if any team hopes to get a deal done with a first round draft pick these type of negotiations are going to have to take place.

Sometimes you just need to shut up


National Football League has told the USA Today, via Pro Football Talk, it’s planning on mandating players to wear hip, thigh, and knee pads, which some players have opinioned that players would resist.

Simply, players need to shut up and do it.

“It’s not mandated for 2010. But we anticipate we’ll need to mandate it going forward,” Anderson said. “We’re not going to relinquish on player safety. Particularly when we know we can prevent lost workdays and help players stay on the field. That’s to their benefit and the club’s benefit.”

To be honest I never thought about this issue, because as a former high school football player I thought that the prevention those pads give is a no brainer compared to the violent nature of the game.

Then they showed a shot of a player not wearing any hip pads and it floored me.

The fact of the matter is just because the new field turf has rubber at the bottom for a little padding doesn’t mean you can do away with lower body padding.

The speed and strength of players make the game more violent than ever, but what it the article shows is that there is an ego problem with players.

Just because it is the NFL doesn’t mean you how tuff you are.

In the end, what matters at any level is that you work hard on and off the field to improve yourself as a player. That means getting your weight lifting and other workouts in, studying game film, and studying your playbook.