Some hope for Bills fans


The Buffalo Bills announced today  that they reached a deal with their third round draft pick defensive end Alex Carrington.

That means there is some hope for Bills fans that they could have all their draft picks signed on time.

The Bills now have seven of their nine draft picks signed with only first round draft pick running back CJ Spiller and second round pick nose tackle Torell Troupe.

Fortunately, the Bills start later than a dozen teams, which means that at the very least Troupe’s deal will be done since their is less money and years involved.

I am not optimistic about Spiller considering the amount of money that is involved, along with the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement.

However, Spiller would be a role player this year as in a third down back and obvious passing situations, along with kickoff return duties.

Troupe is the more important pick to get done as he could potentially be a starter right away.

In the end, considering their track record with draft picks if Spiller isn’t in on time he will be in very shortly there after.

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