Its Brohm vs Edwards


The opening of Buffalo Bills training camp is quickly approaching and with Bills head coach Chan Gailey yet to name the starter for training camp rumors are running rampant.

If this latest rumor is true it will come down to Edwards and Brohm in training camp for the starting quarterback position.

According to Pro Football Weekly, via Chris Brown of, Edwards will most likely be named the starter at the openingĀ  of training camp with him and Brohm battling it for the starter position.

As for fellow quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick the team views him nothing more than a solid backup.

The Bills want to give Brohm a legitimate chance to win the starters position and could do just that if he continues to perform.

In the end, my money is on Brohm as he is the more talented of theĀ  two and looks like he is starting to put things together.

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