Small market teams future hinged to next CBA


The Green Bay Packers released their financial information to the public, which revealed another drastic decrease in operating profit from $20 million to $9.8 million.

That right there shows that the future of small market teams in the city they are in is tied to the next collective bargaining agreement.

The report revealed that for the Packers the cost of players versus the rise of revenues is a two to one pace.

That means something must change in the way the salary cap is determined as eventually small market teams will start losing over $10 million annually. That will eventually force all small market teams to move to the biggest foreign markets like Toronto and London.

In the end, the NFLPA bit off more than it could chew last time and now they will pay the price.

How many will hold out?


Usually by now in the National Football League there are a handful of first round draft picks that are signed.

However, things are different this year with the collective bargaining agreement expiring after this year.

That makes me wonder how many first rounders wills be hold outs come the time their team’s training camp opens.

Usually, there are only a handful of holdouts with the rare occassional draft pick holding out a month into training camp like Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Aaron Maybin last year.

This year people can expect that number to rise dramatically as the CBA expiration will cause a lot of contract negotiation peoblems, especially with the players who were taken near the top of the draft.

In the end, training camps this year is going to be a lot more entertaining for NFL fans.