The Draft pay system is officially assinine


The National Football League Draft system to determining the worth of rookie contract amounts has been broken since the early last decade.

However, now it has officially become assinine.

Last year’s first overall pick Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford received a record $41.7 million.

However, that could be eclipse by a fellow teammate.

The assinine system will give this year’s first overall pick Saint Louis Rams quartetrback Sam Bradford anywhere from $50-$45 million in guarantees.

With the Detroit Lions having the second overall pick that has prompted the Detroit News to ask, “Will defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh emerge with a better deal than Stafford?”

It is possible as Suh’s contract will be determined by the one that Bradford signs and third overall pick Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy signs.

In the end, thank god a rookie wage scale is being implemented soon.

Can the Jets walk the walk?


New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is known for being talker like his father Buddy Ryan, but with the Jets deep playoff run last year the talking is worst than ever.

So, the question is can they walk the walk?

Already, there have been talks about the Jets making the Superbowl, or even winning it.

However, each year is diifferent and the talking won’t do anything, but hurt themselves as it puts a big bullseye on their backs.

When a team starts talking like the way the Jets do teams that face them will work even more harder than usual to beat the Jets.

Also, teams usually star figuring out schemes, which means the Jets defense won’t be as effective this year.

In the end, Jets fans are going to get a rude wake up call in 2010.