A lockout would be a good thing


According to Mike Freeman of CBSSports, via Pro Football Talk, many current National Football League players are still spending money like water even though National Football League Players Association executive director Demaurice Smith has told them to save.

It goes to show that a lockout would be a good thing.

It absolutely sickens me to see players acting like this as the game of football is a privledge and not a right.

Also, many former players are struggling to pay their medical bills or to even put a roof over their head.

The reason that a lockout would be good as it would show what former NFL players prior to 1993 are going through as it is being predicted that a lockout could last half a season.

That would mean any player who hasn’t saved money would have to sell jewelery, cars, or any other asset they can to pay their bills as most of them live pay check to pay check due to their lavish lifestyles and bad investments.

In the end, the players need to be taken out back to the woodshed and they are soon going to get just that.

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