Bad ideas come out of anger


According to Pro Football Talk, many National Football League players and agents are angry with NFL owners with the low activity in free agency and the slow pace of labor negotiations, which has prompted an idea.

The thing is those ideas turn out to be bad when they come out of anger.

According to the site, an agent outlined the possibility of boycotting the pre-draft process prior to the 2011 NFL Draft.

Simply, that is one of the stupidest ideas ever as teams mainly use game film of college players to base their evaluations, which means that most of their evaluations for the upcoming draft is done prior to those activities even starting.

Teams use the activities to further evaluate juniors that are leaving school early and don’t have a lot of game film.

So, what will happen in the 2011 Draft is that first two rounds will be littered mainly with seniors with a junior or two in the mix that has been a three year starter.

In the end, the only thing that NFL players and agents would accomplish is strengthening the owners resolve.

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