What to look for this season from quarterbacks


Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback Matt Ryan filled in for SI.com’s Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback and gave a huge nugget of information.

That information simply is what to look for from the three quarterbacks this preseason and whoever is the starer in 2010.

Ryan broke down the game film on the top six quarterbacks in the National Football League, but it was with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady he realized something.

That being those two throw to the underneath routes all the time, and do so until defenses take them away.

So, Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards was doing the right thing by checking down to his running back and tight ends as those were the underneath routes as the Bills last year went most of the time with two wide receivers and two tight ends.

Essentially, the Bills offense hurt itself from the very start with the two tight end set as tight ends aren’t as fast as wide receivers and cannot get to open areas quicker, or make plays by making defenders miss.

So, when the Bills start the preseason this year look for what type of formation the offense is in as if it is three wide look for the wide receiver who is doing a drag route over the middle or a shorter route to get the ball.  For example, in the Patriots offense they have plays where two other wide receiver are running routes 20 yards down field and wide receiver Wes Welker will run a 15 yard route, which means he is the guy that will get the football usually as he is underneath the main coverage.

In the end, it was the design that killed the Bills offense, and not its and not the quarterbacks.

For the Buffalo Bills that was unofrtunately

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