Honesty don’t make you right


Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis has become the outcast of National Football League owner with his decisions, but still has a supporter in former Raider Bo Jackson who loves him due to his honesty.

Well the fact is honesty don’t always make your decisions right.

The decisions that Davis makes is what gets him in trouble like over paying for players like former wide receiver Javon Walker and safety Gibril Wilson.

Whatever input or reasoning that Davis has for making these type of decisions is flawed and the Raiders need a good house cleaning of its front office.

However, that is unlikely to happen as the Raiders have been bad for a while and there has been no indications of something like that happening anytime soon.

In the end, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for Raiders fans.

NFLPA comments on new HGH test is posturing


The National Football League was touting a new breakthrough on human growth hormone testing.

The National Football League Players Association has finally commented on it, and their comments are purely posturing.

According to the Associated Press, via Pro Football Talk, NFLPA president Kevin Mawae stated that the current available test, which is up to 48 hours is not reliable, which means they are skeptical about the new test.

No matter what happens the NFLPA will shoot it down in order to get something in return from the NFL during collective bargain negotiations.

In the end, people need to remember that its the NFLPA and they will not do anything unless it benefits them even though testing like this is for the good of the game.