Packers need to build a whole new stadium


The Green Bay Packers in recent years have done some major reconstruction to Lambeau Field and according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, via Pro Football Talk, the Packers are again looking to expand Lambeau Field.

The reality is that they need a whole new stadium.

The problem lies in the waiting list for Packer’s season tickets as the list is over 88 thousand long.

Annually only 126 season tickets change hand, which means the waiting list is 35-40 years long.

That means the only true way to relieve the waiting list is to build a stadium that can house 100 thousand fans.

Currently Lambeau Field’s capacity is 72,928, which means that a increase of to 100 thousand would decrease the list to 60 thousand and would most likely see a higher turnover rate.

In the end, something needs to be done quickly.

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